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alvaro granados

Alvaro Granados

Original idea, direction, modeling, layout, shading, rigging, animation, dynamics, lighting, effects, rendering, composition and post-production

Computer Engineer reconverted into a 3d artist since 2004, when he made his first animated shortfilm 'Juego de Niños', thus starting his artistic side and being formed in software like Maya, Motion Builder, 3d Max, Nuke, After Effects, Zbrush... His last personal project, 'Eideann' is the result of eighteen months of hard work.

alberto cotaina

Alberto Cotaina

Story Board and animation

Professional in digital animation and motion capture with over 3 years experience, currently working on Magic Films. Formed in Audiovisual, he has a great interest in music, drawing and character design.

montse urquiza

Montse Urquiza

Storyline, art, motion graphics and credits

Professional in graphic design and creativity on-line and off-line. Engaged to writing since childhood, studied and expanded her skills in this field by learning how to script. Fill out her profile with post-production skills in After Effects and knowledge in Maya.

Alex Otero

Alex Otero

Character design, texturing and acting mocap

Draftsman by vocation, he perfected his technique with both traditional and digital tools. Since then he has continued learning new tricks and techniques, such as Flash animation, which he currently work as animator in 'Freaklances' series.

other collaborators

Arturo Paiva

in animation www.arturoanimacion.blogspot.com.es

Coke Rioboó

in original Soundtrack www.vimeo.com/cokerioboo

Javier Corzo

in environment texturing www.javiercorzo.com

Nicolás Manrique

in dynamics testing www.nickomanrique.wix.com/portfolio

Roger Bergés

in shading www.rogerberges.com

Wency H.G.

in character Remodeling www.wenc.co.uk

Coke Rioboó

Harp, percussion and bass www.vimeo.com/cokerioboo

Yago Santos

Sound design

Brazil Estudio

Recording and mixing www.estudiobrazil.com

Harlak Prendergast


Pablo Abarca

Flute www.amaramarynaceralreves.blogspot.com

Montse Urquiza

Voice www.montseurquiza.com

Marta Pardal

Social Media Strategist

Gracia Granados

Community Manager

Montse Urquiza

Web design www.montseurquiza.com

Pedro Abreu

Web Developer www.xinequanon.com

Jose Pablo Yubero

Web Developer